Apply process

Apply process

Not sure about the apply process?  Let us help with some commonly asked questions.

Q. Why do I register with Amazon?

The apply form with Amazon is a reqired part of the application process.  This also heps you get through the recruitment process timely.   Once your application is reviewed, you will recieve an invitation to the Welcome Event.

Q. Not yet registered with Adecco?

No worries!  Prior to the hiring event, you will receive an invitation to register and sign all the necessary documents with Adecco.  This step is important to be sure we have all the information for your contract and payslip.   You can also go to ot register with Adecco to see other job offers.



Q. What documents do I need to bring?

To minimize the documents you need to bring, we encourage you to register with Adecco beforehand.  It's convenient, safe and efficient from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  It can also save you time at the hiring event!

Required Documents:

  • ID Card
  • Social Security / Right to Work
  • Bank Details
Hiring event

Hiring event

There are frequent events scheduled at our branch locations.   See branch locations to find the one nearest you.

Q. What can I expect at the hiring event?

The event is our chance to meet in person, and for you to learn more about working at Amazon.  The goal?  To make sure you are ready to start work!

We'll ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your booked time.   On arrival, you’ll be greeted by an Adecco consultant to guide you through the event.

The agenda?

  1. Brief overview of Adecco for Amazon
  2. Evaluation - on a kindle in your native language.
  3. Sign and check documents
  4. Your interview
  5. Your photo taken for ID badges.
  6. Drug & Alcohol test, when your shift is confirmed.
On the job

On the job

A new job is exciting!  We realise you may some doubts at the start.

Q. Am I paid for the induction?

Once you are scheduled for Day 0  (the induction), you are on our payroll.  You will be paid for your attendance at the event.  Note that it's important to arrive early.  So don't forget to check out the warehouse locations ahead of time for the best travel route.

Q. When and how am I paid?

You'll be paid every Friday - on your shift starting Sunday to Saturday.  It's all electronic based on the bank details you submitted online.  No time slips to remember, no additional paperwork.  It's that simple.

Q. What if I have a question about my pay?

We are here to answer any questions you have about working at Amazon, especially your pay.  We know how important it is to get it right.  And with Adecco, you can be assured of this.  Any questions or issues about your payslip? Contact us at XX.

Q.  Is transport provided?

Transort is a benefit provided by Amazon, depending on the location and time of year.  Check out all the great benefits that Adecco and Amazon provide here.

Don't find the answer you need.  The Adecco team is onsite to answer your questions!

Any more questions?

More questions, just contact us at XXX.XXXX.

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